About Van Harten & Tossell

Van Harten & Tossell is about art, design and expression. Our work is geared towards creating dynamic and impactful pieces that push the traditional skills of floristry towards the world of sculpture. This vision is built on a strong foundation of customer care and communication, because we believe that every piece is collaborative, and that the happiness of our clients is the inspiration for our work.

Dayna Van Harten and Gwyneth Tossell have been working together in various capacities for years. After completing their educations (Dayna’s BFA at ACAD, and Gwyneth’s B.A&S at UofT) they found themselves serving together in the west end of Toronto. Quick to recognize their shared vision, and their ability (nay, joy) to work together, the two enrolled in flower school and have been working hard (and joyfully) ever since.

Van Harten & Tossell’s work has been seen in Fashion magazine, BlogTO, and Toronto Life.