Friends and Renos

Where do I EVEN START?

Let's talk about the wreath sale for a second. It was so nice. Dayna bought Pirate cookies and Fig Newtons. It was sunny, and the studio was bright, twinkled with glass ornaments, and smelled like a pine forest. We had suspended wreaths from the high ceilings with fishing line, so there was a festive gallery installation vibe. Friends and strangers came to hang out. There were a couple of really special babies (SEE BABIES BELOW). Don't be fooled by Penny's cautious expression, she loved every minute of it and she can't wait for next year. She told me. 

 Hi sweet Piet!

Hi sweet Piet!

 Hi sweet Penny! 

Hi sweet Penny! 

After the wreath sale we got cracking on our renovation. Have you guys ever had the opportunity to work with Dana Seguin for any of your design/build projects? I think maybe you should. But only if you enjoy getting what you want and having fun. Dana headed up a team of capable and remarkably handsome guys. Thank you Ian, Kevin, Dan, Noah and Marcus. I've said it before and I'll say it again; you are a team of capable and remarkably handsome guys. 

As it stands now, the reno is 90% complete and we're just putting the preverbal shine on the apple. It'll be ready to go by Valentine's Day. Oh that reminds me, what are you doing for Valentine's Day? Do you want to stop by and see the reno? Get some flowers for your sweetheart or for yourself? Have a Fig Newton? Have a chat? I certainly hope you do, but if you can't make it our Valentine's offerings are up online now for your perusal.

Talk soon!xoxoxoxo 


Posted on February 3, 2017 .

Geary Avenue

It's been just over a year since we moved into our Geary Avenue home. At the time we thought this studio was a perfect temporary solution for our growing business, but now we're very attached. Dangerously in love.

Our space is bright and airy, and now that the more sensitive bits of the garden have been repotted and moved inside, it's increasingly leafy. Jasmine tendrils have grown up long the exposed piping and are nosing along the ceiling. Various palm, fern and ivy line the upper cabinets, and the city's calmest ficus holds down the front window. Ficus love indulging in leaf dropping tantrums whenever they're moved because their leaves are so sensitive and efficiently geared to light, even a small change prompts them to drop and replace their leaves with a fresh set adapted to the new conditions. Anyways ours isn't like that, he's very calm or possibly lazy. Speaking of ficus, did you know that they're very effective at filtering gaseous formaldehyde from indoor air? A good thing to keep in mind for your...laboratory. 

The other predominant feature in the studio is a towering mountain of wreaths. It smells like heaven. Dayna and I are going to be announcing a few wreath sales as the holiday season approaches. One sale will be here, so you should come and investigate the joint yourself. Hang out with us! Meet the ficus!





Posted on November 18, 2016 .


Holy smokes. It's been a minute since we've updated the blog, but starting now ole bloggy won't be able to shake us because we'll be reporting our news and adventures every week. So please do check in with us to get all the hot gossip from around the studio, for example, who is watering what with which can, or how many times we've listened the new Solange album any given day.

The summer (and fall for that matter) flew by so quickly and so happily. New events, new clients, and new techniques. It was a true gift of a wedding season. Looking back on all the different vibes and venues, it feels like a series of artistic collaborations with some of the sweetest folks in the city. A heartfelt thank you to all of the wonderful couples who invited us into their special celebrations. 

 Years ago one of our first brides ever, Julia, pressed the flowers from her bouquet and took this lovely pic.

Years ago one of our first brides ever, Julia, pressed the flowers from her bouquet and took this lovely pic.

As wedding season winds down we find ourselves looking forward, down a long, long, possibly never-ending hallway hung with wreaths. All of the wreaths. If you are on the market for a wreath don't bother looking anywhere else because we have them all. We're excited to be offering a new corporate package this year, and you can check out the details on the 'Wreath' page. Orders are already open for the package deal, and we'll be posting individual wreaths in the online shop soon.

In other news, our website has been given some love by the wonderful and talented Gabe. Thanks Gabe! Our Instagram is now attached so you can see what we're currently up to. We've also changed our delivery parameters, and are pleased to offer free delivery downtown Toronto. Our shop options have changed, but fear not, bouquets and arrangements at other price points are still available for pick up at the studio. Just send us an email and we'll make it happen! 

We're so excited for this next phase of VH&T, and we can't wait to share it with you.


Gwyneth and Dayna


Posted on November 7, 2016 .

Pop-up love!

Valentine's Day was a treat for us! We hung out at Easy Tiger Goods, one of the best shops in all the land, and we sold out of all our arrangements! Thank you to everyone who came in! We can't wait to do it again!

pop up g.jpg

Photographic evidence of this event. It was real! We were happy! There were roses! There were cookies!

Another nice thing that happened that day was that people sent us pictures of their deliveries! We love it when this happens A) because we love seeing happy customers and B) because our photographic skills are hit and miss, so it's such a bonus when a talented recipient takes a picture that we can co-opt! Here's one from Mathilde:

Thanks Mathilde! And thanks again to all the fine folks we met at the shop! The Van Harten and the Tossell are wishing you the very best! Xxoo!

Posted on February 19, 2015 .

Valentine's Day Pop-Up Shop!

We are thrilled to announce that we'll be doing a pop-up shop at Easy Tiger Goods on February 14th! Flowers, cookies, and general good vibes! You can pre-order bouquets with us, or with thie fine folks at the shop my emailing Please let us know if you'd like our 35.00 Lisi bouquet or our 55.00 Six Roses bouquet. You can have a peek at them, or order now through our shop page. We can't wait for our store day, please come and visit! Xxoo!

Posted on February 5, 2015 .

Our new home on the Internet!

We're so excited to be opening our online shop! Check here often for Van Harten & Tossell updates and adventures! We are constantly correcting and cajoling the cite, so please do let us know if there are any issues we can address!  Xxoo!

Posted on February 5, 2015 .