Geary Avenue

It's been just over a year since we moved into our Geary Avenue home. At the time we thought this studio was a perfect temporary solution for our growing business, but now we're very attached. Dangerously in love.

Our space is bright and airy, and now that the more sensitive bits of the garden have been repotted and moved inside, it's increasingly leafy. Jasmine tendrils have grown up long the exposed piping and are nosing along the ceiling. Various palm, fern and ivy line the upper cabinets, and the city's calmest ficus holds down the front window. Ficus love indulging in leaf dropping tantrums whenever they're moved because their leaves are so sensitive and efficiently geared to light, even a small change prompts them to drop and replace their leaves with a fresh set adapted to the new conditions. Anyways ours isn't like that, he's very calm or possibly lazy. Speaking of ficus, did you know that they're very effective at filtering gaseous formaldehyde from indoor air? A good thing to keep in mind for your...laboratory. 

The other predominant feature in the studio is a towering mountain of wreaths. It smells like heaven. Dayna and I are going to be announcing a few wreath sales as the holiday season approaches. One sale will be here, so you should come and investigate the joint yourself. Hang out with us! Meet the ficus!





Posted on November 18, 2016 .